New concept at an old Venue!

New concept at an old Venue!

I am happy to announce that my new concept of work called "Industrial Commercial Art" will be for sale at the Ballard local, Venue! I came up with this concept as I became a plant dad. Over the last three months I've spent more time at home than ever, and I needed some greenery in my life.

After adopting more plants then any one person ever needs to, I decided to create a a collection of work that would give a sharper edged background to all the the soft green leaves. 

Using metallic acrylics paired with matte grey's and black acrylics to bounce the sunlight light off of the painting back onto the plants to radiate. This pairing also gives the sense of industry, and rustic warehouse beams. 

Hopefully you'll like this concept and will check out my work at Venue!


Hexagon Heart

venue ballard